Polytec GmbH  

For over 50 years, Polytec provides high-technology, optical measurement solutions to researchers and engineers. Our commitment is to provide the most precise and reliable optical instruments and sensors available for non-contact measurement of vibration, length, speed, surface topography and for process analytics. Polytec instruments help to solve pressing application challenges in R&D, engineering and manufacturing quality and process control and help our customers to maintain the leading position in their field. The applications range from micro system technology to large scale mechanical engineering for e.g. the automotive sector, aerospace and steel industry, medical technology, biomedical sciences, etc.


TDK, a leading company for passive electronic components, developed the piezo-based actuators PowerHap (TM) and PiezoHapt (TM). As powerful actuators for active haptic feedback in a very compact design, they are an ideal choice for a  vast range of applications, either replacing tiny smartphone buttons or heavy automotive displays.
Different new demos will be showcased, e.g., a large and silent automotive-grade display and a stylus that provides you with the feeling of paper while writing on glass.