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Eurohaptics 2020 encourages the participation of people with disabilities. We therefore require presenters to make their presentations accessible for people with disabilities. For more information about making your paper, poster or presentation accessible we recommend resources like e.g. “How to Make Presentations Accessible to All” and “Create Accessible Digital Products”. Most importantly, make sure you describe in words what you can see in the figures you use in the paper.

Work in Progress – submission closed

These shorter submissions (abstract only) describe recently completed work or highly relevant results of work in progress in all areas related to haptics science, technology and applications. Work in progress submissions will be reviewed by the members of the Programme Committee. Selected submissions will be presented during the dedicated work in progress poster session. The abstract should summarize the contents of the work in short terms, i.e. 150-250 words.

Demos – submission closed

Eurohaptics 2020 will feature several sessions devoted to live demonstrations of innovative haptics research, technology and applications. Each proposal must include a short abstract of approximately 100 words and an image to describe the demonstration. Inclusion of hyperlink to a demonstration video clip is highly encouraged. Please also include a mock-up image to be used for space planning and a list of technical requirements (number of tables, power requirements including number of sockets, etc.).

Submission of hands-on demonstrations is open to all members of the haptics research community. Authors of accepted papers are particularly welcome to apply for demonstration space to support their presentation. Hands-on-demos should be free of commercial content. Companies wishing to showcase their product should refer to our sponsorship options.

Papers – submission closed

We seek original contributions on all topics in haptics and call for the submission of regular papers (max. 8 pages including references).
Once accepted, papers will be published open access in the Eurohaptics Proceedings: published by Springer.
For instructions and templates to prepare your submission, please visit Springer.

Mini-Symposia – submission closed

Eurohaptics 2020 invites submission of symposia. A symposium will take a time slot of a regular talk session and consists of a collection of presentations that are focused on a specific topic. Collaboration between scientists from different organizations is encouraged. The deadline for submitting symposia is earlier than the submission deadline of technical papers, so that upon possible rejection the talks can still be submitted as regular papers.

The proposal for a mini-symposium (duration: 90 minutes in total) consists of a single submission to containing :
– An abstract (max 3000 character limit – approximately 500 words) summarizing the overall symposium including a justification of why your mini-symposium is relevant and important to the whole Eurohaptics community
– An abstract for the contribution of each speaker in the mini-symposium (max 1800 character limit – approximately 300 words).  

The proposals do not require a submission of a regular paper for the Eurohaptics proceedings. However, if the contributions are suitable for the proceedings, speakers that participate in an accepted symposium may submit a technical paper. Their participation in the mini-symposium is independent of acceptance of the individual papers.

Workshop & Tutorials – submission closed

The day before the actual conference starts (June 17th) will be filled with workshops. The main theme of this day will be accessibility. Workshops offer an informal environment for attendees with common interests and diverse perspectives to engage in rich discussions around specific areas of research and practice. Topics that workshops topics address could be related to all aspects of haptics, including for instance basic research, applied research, new methodologies, theoretical analyses, emerging application areas and education. Given the theme of the day, we encourage proposals of symposia that are linked to the theme accessibility.

In contrast to the mini-symposia of the main conference, workshops have a small scale and can thus be aimed at specific group within the EuroHaptics community. By their small scale, workshops provide a format that is well suited for interaction between the speakers and the audience. In this way, they can be used to develop ideas that might give the EuroHaptics community new ways of thinking about well-traveled themes and topics or that might suggest new promising directions for future work. Possible formats include a Hackaton or Masterclass. Presentations in workshops should not duplicate presentations at the main conference.

Workshops are held the day before the start of the conference and can be full or half-day in length. Multiple workshops will run in parallel. In case of acceptance, workshop and tutorial organizers will be expected to set up a dedicated web page for their event.

Proposals for workshops should be mailed to and consists of a single submission containing:

  • Title
  • Aim of the workshop (if applicable: its relation with theme accessibility).
  • Target audience within the Eurohaptics community (sub-field, specific interest) and an estimate of the number of participants. Include a statement on the necessary background knowledge.
  • Names & affiliations (including e-mail) of the organizers
  • Abstract describing the content (3000 character limit – approximately 500 words).
  • Requested length (full or half day; we prefer half day)
  • A list of confirmed speakers (names, affiliations) and their tentative contribution.
  • Proposed ways to promote interaction of the audience
  • Any specific room/equipment requirements in addition to a projector and screen.

Deadline Schedule

Mini-SymposiaFriday 13 December 2019
Workshop proposalsFriday 13 December 2019
PapersFriday 31 January 2020
Work in progressFriday 19 June 2020
DemosFriday 19 June 2020

All deadline are at 23:59h, anywhere in the world.