Talk sessions

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Session 1: Vibration

Monday September 7th, 11:00h – 12:30h

Dana RosenblumSimple or Complex Tactile Alerts in MUM-T Setup  
Astrid KappersPerception of vibratory direction on the back
Satoshi TanakaMovement-Free Virtual Reality Interface using Kinesthetic Illusion Induced by Tendon Vibration
Mina ShibasakiInterest Arousal by Haptic Feedback During a Storytelling for Kindergarten Children
Lucie PanteraTwo-Point Haptic Pattern Recognition with the Inverse Filter Method
Keigo UshiyamaThe Effects of Simultaneous Multi-Point Vibratory Stimulation on Kinesthetic Illusion

Session 2: Interaction

Monday September 7th, 15:00h – 16:00h

Alexandra MoringenAttention-based Robot Learning of Haptic Interaction
Jonathan Andres TiradoElectroAR: Distributed Electro-tactileStimulation for Tactile Transfer
Chiara GaudeniInstrumenting Hand-held Surgical Drills With a Pneumatic Sensing Cover for  Haptic Feedback
Mohamad EidKATIB: Haptic-visual Guidance for Handwriting

Session 3: Perception

Monday September 7th, 16:30h – 17:30h

Müge CavdanFrom Hate to Love: How Learning Can Change Affective Responses to Touched Materials
Scinob KurokiThe arm’s blind line: anisotropic distortion in perceived orientation of stimuli on the arm
Shanyi YouEvaluation of Changes in Perceived Intensity and Threshold of Moisture Sensation of Clothes Associated with Skin Moisture
Kaho ShirakawaInfluence of roughness on contact force estimation during active touch

Session 4: Exploration

Tuesday September 8th, 11:00h – 12:30h

Anna MetzgerSwitching between objects improves precision in haptic perception of softness
Gijs HuismanGreen Fingers: Plant Thigmo Responses as an Unexplored Area for Haptics Research
Giulia BallardiniIsometric force matching asymmetries depend on the position of the left hand regardless of handedness
Hirobumi TomitaA Proposal and Investigation of Displaying Method by Passive Touch with Electrostatic Tactile Display
Vonne van PolanenDensity estimation is influenced more by mass when objects are denser
Aaron C. ZöllerSystematic Adaptation of Exploration Force to Exploration Duration in Softness Discrimination

Session 5: Surface Haptics

Tuesday September 8th, 15:00h – 16:00h

Heng XuSwitchPaD: Active Lateral Force Feedback over a Large Area Based on Switching Resonant Modes
Pierre GARCIA2MoTac: Simulation of button click by superposition of two ultrasonic plate waves
Angelica TorresEnergy Analysis of Lateral vs. Normal Vibration Modes for Ultrasonic Surface Haptic Devices
Tao MorisakiComparing Lateral Modulation and Amplitude Modulation in Phantom Sensation

Session 6: Mid-air

Wednesday September 9th, 11:00h – 12:30h

William FrierDiscriminating between Intensities and Velocities of Mid-Air Haptic Patterns
Lawrence Van den BogaertUser-Defined Mid-Air Haptic Sensations for Interacting with an AR Menu Environment
Atsushi MatsubayashiRendering Ultrasound Pressure Distribution on Hand Surface in Real-Time
Takaaki KamigakiNoncontact Thermal and Vibrotactile Display Using Focused Airborne Ultrasound 
Seunggoo RimSound Image Icon with Aerial Haptic Feedback
Kentaro ArigaMidair Haptic Presentation Using Concave Reflector

Session 7: Wearable

Wednesday September 9th, 15:00h – 16:00h

Yamato MiyatakeVisuo-Haptic Display by Embedding Imperceptible Spatial Haptic Information into Projected Images
Kazuki KatayamaShared haptic perception for human-robot collaboration
Daria TrinitatovaLinkRing: A Wearable Haptic Display for Delivering Multi-contact and Multi-modal Stimuli at the Finger Pads
Daniele LeonardisA Parallel Elastic Haptic Thimble for Wide Bandwidth Cutaneous Feedback